Adams 42 Bluewater

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Cruising yacht that does the miles

Reviewed Jul 2017
I launched my Adams 42 ft Bluewater yacht Malua in 2004 and sailed Tassie then the Pacific followed by 5 years in the Mediterranean. It is a great boat to just cruise from anchorage to anchorage but when I crossed the Atlantis to the Caribbean the true colours of this great design came to the fore. I was well up with the 50 footers with 170 nm a day every day. The two fuel tanks give you 1000 nm range but the ease of reefing and sailing down wind you cover the miles. In 2014 I crossed the Pacific alone. The longest passage 20 days from Galapagos. Here again I passed vessels much larger with ease and safety.

The vessel has all the systems to make life easy - power winches, AIS, Radar, chart plotters, SSB radio, spring mattresses and more. Just comfort to cruise.
Dry easy to handle in any conditions by one or two people
Strong and well constructed with good finish - timeless
Great resale value
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