Top 4 fishing spots in Lake Macquarie

15th July 2021 Jack O'Rourke

Top 4 fishing spots in Lake Macquarie

Home to a wide range of popular fish species, Lake Macquarie is a recreational fishing haven for locals and visitors alike. Australia's largest coastal saltwater lake, its catchment area covers over 600-square-metres and teems with marine life throughout its channels and inlets. 

Being twice as large as Sydney Harbour, it can be overwhelming when choosing the right spot to drop a line, but Deckee ambassador Jonathon Bleakley reveals some of his top spots to get you started. 

As a local, Jono is constantly searching for new spots throughout the Lake’s expansive waterways. 

Marks Point sand flats

With scattered weed beds and sand pockets, the sand flats at Marks Point is an ideal location for chasing Dusky Flathead and Sand Whiting. 

“With the tide sweeping across the flats twice a day, it provides fish the perfect spot to bury themselves in the sand and wait for an easy feed,” advises Jono. 

The powerful tidal flow brings in schools of baitfish and attracts larger critters to the area.

Pulbah Island 

The Pulbah Island Nature Reserve is a protected nature reserve that is located in the southern part of the lake, and you will need a boat to get there. 

“Publah holds some of the deepest waters of the lake,” says Jono. “It provides a great opportunity to chase a range of fish that use the island's ramp as a place to push and isolate bait. It also is a site to see!”

The hot water outlets 

Around Myuna Bay there is a spot near the power station that provides unique conditions for catching fish. 

“Pushing warm water into the lake, the outlets at the south end of the lake provide a great spot for pelagic fish to station during the winter,” Jono explains. “The warm water creates a temperature line that allows anglers to focus on when chasing things like mulloway, bream, tailor and cobia.”

Be mindful of the restrictions put in place around the area prohibiting anglers from fishing there at certain times. 

Swansea Bridge 

Without a doubt the most popular spot in the lake, Swansea Bridge is a great spot to fish during the summer when the water is clear and warm.

“It's a well-known fact that kingfish like current, and Swansea Bridge has no shortage of that,” says Jono. 

The channel current from the open ocean attracts a wide variety of larger fish species.