World’s largest source of marine environment regulations now available on Deckee

26th September 2022 Micheal Pulo

World’s largest source of marine environment regulations now available on Deckee
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ProtectedSeas Navigator, the world’s most comprehensive database of marine life protections and their boundaries, has announced a new partnership with Deckee to make its environmental information freely available to boaters in an easy-to-use mobile app for the first time. 

The Navigator database includes regulation summaries, boundaries, allowed human activities, and Level of Fishing protection assessments for over 20,000 marine protected areas (MPAs) in more than 109 countries and territories, including the United States. 

The free Deckee mobile app, available worldwide for both iOS and Android devices, helps anyone spending time on the water stay safe and informed with features such as location sharing, local knowledge, trip logging, marine weather forecasts, safety alerts and official zones and regulations.

Marine Regulations Deckee Protected Seas

The new partnership between Deckee and ProtectedSeas links together the most comprehensive database of marine conservation measures with an app that enables boaters to easily access important regulatory information in the areas where they are fishing or recreating. 

ProtectedSeas Director Virgil Zetterlind stated: “We are thrilled to partner with Deckee, as their technology aimed at helping boating enthusiasts improve their situational awareness and knowledge of the marine waters they are operating in is really a win-win. This integration of ProtectedSeas data into the Deckee app amplifies the importance of knowing the specifics of marine waters, and supporting the boating community with improved awareness of the regulatory measures of these special marine places.”

Deckee’s Chief Operations Officer Micheal Pulo stated: "Being able to enhance the free Deckee experience with the regulatory protection data from ProtectedSeas has bolstered our capabilities and enabled boaters to easily access the marine regulations in the areas they are transiting through. This synergy is unique and exciting, and allows us to provide a more robust tool for everyone to understand our ocean areas.”

For each protected area, Deckee app users will now be able to access a summary of key regulations, allowed status of specific fishing and other human activities, and a standardized level of fishing protection score. The ProtectedSeas team anticipates completing global coverage in 2022, with over 80% of the world’s MPAs already covered.

Deckee is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also use Deckee in your browser at

About ProtectedSeas

Protected Seas is the curator of a growing and open dataset of boundaries and regulations for marine protected areas (MPAs) and marine managed areas (MMAs) globally. ProtectedSeas is in a formal partnership under a Memorandum of Agreement with the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Protected Area Center as a partner in the development of this program. Learn more at:

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