8 Weird, wacky and wonderful boats

Mike McKiernan
Posted July 12 2016

Pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and creativity is important but not every ingenious idea hit’s the mark and others take a little warming to. We’ll let you decide if these are weird, wacky or wonderful!


This huge catamaran is the first ship to use only solar power to circumnavigate the world. With a hull designed to be aerodynamic the almost 100 ton boat relied on 512 square meters of photovoltaic cells and 8.5 tons of lithium-ion batteries. The crew of this boat have good reason to be disgruntled by overcast weather.

Pirate Ship

60ft Notorious is a recreation of a 1480’s caravel, a ship used by pirates of the era. Built from 300 tons of salvaged timber Notorious is constantly on the move, her black silhouette spotted off Australia’s east coast.


60 foot Plastiki is made from 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles, other recycled plastic and waste products. Keeping in the environmentally friendly theme Plastiki’s crew utilized solar panels, bicycle generators and wind and water turbines, sailing from San Francisco to Sydney in 2010.

Iguana 29 Amphibious Yacht

The Iguana 29 is the perfect boat for those with a severe aversion to getting their feet wet or pulling their boat up the beach. The manufacturers boast that the boat (if we can call it that) achieves up to 40 knots on the water but they don’t disclose how fast the Iguana travels on it’s two retractable treads.

Orsos Island

Whether you consider this one an Island, boat or glorified houseboat there’s no denying that it’s an enviable home for those who like a waterfront location. Not a bad house to own in the event of a flood either.

Wally 118

Beautiful or scary? Well blink and you might miss it as the 118 foot boats gas turbine engines see it achieve speeds of over 60 knots. The manufacture Wally claims the boat has bright, spacious interior and the comforts of a luxury cruising yacht, it would want to with a price rumoured to be over 30 million.

Love Love Sinking boat

This strangely titled boat is designed to do what most like to avoid. The boat’s designer, a French artist with a unique sense of humor has had to reassure fellow boaties and authorities who are known to panic on seeing him motoring about.

Unmanned solar robot boat

Solar Voyager is another solar ship but unlike PlanetSolar this 18-foot canoe like boat is robotic. Earlier this year Solar Voyager set off to be the first unmanned boat to to cross the Atlantic but the voyage didn’t go to plan with the boat drifting, disabled and requiring human assistance. Don’t sack your crew just yet!

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