Video: Cruising remote Tasmania with Jack and Jude

Mike McKiernan
Posted November 17 2016

Jack and Jude are amongst the longest and most active members of the Deckee community and we are very proud to share the news of their latest DVD release. 

This pair of well travelled cruisers get excited by places with great stories and in 2016, they filmed two in Tasmania. The first is 'Eden lost' - the southernmost people to have lived in harmony with Earth for an amazing 40,000 years. They bring their story to the wide screen by exploring their remote homeland near the SW tip of Tasmania.

At the other end of Tasmania, in 1797, a voyage to a fledgling colony results in a shipwreck on the the wild and scenic Preservation Island next to mysterious Rum Island in the Furneaux Group. You can explore these isles with Jack and Jude and hear the survivors’ fascinating story.

The DVD also features practical guidance to South Coast Islands, Dover, Hobart, climb the mountain, Con-Dock entrance, Denison Canal, Schouten Island and Swan Island. This could be your perfect companion to the Tasmania location pages on Deckee!

Check out the DVD trailer here or grab yourself a copy on their website

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