The Deckee Drop – A special gift for Deckee's best contributors

Mike McKiernan
Posted November 20 2017

Who feels like a glass or two? 🍷😉

We have an incredible community of boaters on Deckee. They have now contributed over 1900 reviews in an effort to help one another make better decisions!

But a select few of our Deckee Pro members have really gone above and beyond to share their boating knowledge and experience. So we thought it was time we organised a very special gift for them.

The Deckee Drop is soon to be recognised by skippers as Australia's and indeed one of the world's finest red wines. Perfect for sunset cruises or entertaining friends on board. 🙂

How can you get a bottle? Start adding reviews of your own and share your experiences with the community! We'll be keeping an eye out for awesome contributors... ⛵

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JackandJude Binder
Posted November 30 2017
Our many thanks go to the Deckee crew for a bottle of this delicious wine. Motivation? You bet! What a great group. Cheers from Jack and Jude, now afloat in wonderful Mill Bay west Tasmania.
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