Tasmanian Cruising Grounds

Richard Taylor
Posted September 10 2016

After spending nearly 35 years boating in West Aust , then 5 years in QlD, and 2 years boating in NSW and now for the last 2 years living in Southern Tasmania I can only say that the cruising waters in the state of Tasmania especially in the South East are truly remarkable. The protected coast line is protected by dozens of islands big and small offering secure anchorages in any weather. On many occasions we are the only the only boat in the bay. Many boaties who cruise down here from all over the world are truly amazed, some have stayed and settled here. It is a pity for our many tourists that the charter boat industry has not started in earnest, I am sure it would offer alternatives to the Qld charter industry. But maybe the tranquility is what makes it so special !!!, have other boaties enjoyed the experience??? Richard. 

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Alistair Bailey
Posted September 12 2016
Totally agree, After living in Tasmania for 10 years and operating a charter yacht on the east coast of Tasmania , I often frequented the bay of Fires, Freycinet peninsula , Bruny island and the channel . I have cruised many wonderful areas throughout Australia and the East coast of Tasmania is still my favourite. Fantastic anchorages where you can dive off the back of your vessel chisel off a few abalone or catch a crayfish for dinner. Brians corner in the Freycinet area was one of the best for snorkeling ,fishing and bush walking, A true secluded and pristine area of Australia.
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Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  Posted September 12 2016
Hello Richard Taylor, We concur, the tranquility, when it's tranquil, is one of The Channel's wonders. As are the mountains staring down funnelling the blasts, and the rivers, winding through lush green valleys sometimes in fog.

We also love Tasmania's west coast, it's raw nature balanced by little dollops of history dotted here and there. And the Furneaux group are special too. Perched on the edge of one of the fiercest straits, mountains, granite rock, spectacular scenery in a wild dangerous place.

We'll be around on the east coast mid-summer. Where you at, maybe we could stop by.
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