Specialist insurer for old timber boats?

Posted September 15 2016

I am hoping someone can point me at a marine insurer who will insure older timber boats. My boat is a Torres Strait Lugger from 1933. She is just coming off the slips with a new engine/gearbox, fully rewired, new instrumentation and safety gear. I will have a fresh survey and valuation. Appreciate any advice. John T (the Old Gaffer)

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Posted October 10 2016
Thanks to everyone for their feedback and advice. Apologies for not replying sooner as I have been immersed in a Yachtmaster course in Sydney doing mile builders off the NSW Coast. I will take some time and read through all your posts. :)
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Damien Kennedy
Posted September 19 2016
Hi John. It was a couple of years ago, but club marine insured my 38ft timber ketch and were an excellent company from premium value to claims (unfortunately we had to make a couple of claims). I'm not sure if you've tried them yet, but I would recommend it.
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Chris Bell
Posted September 23 2016
Hi John - I recently had a 1936 Deben 4 tonner insured with Resilium - this was in Perth. It was a pleasant surprise to me as I know how difficult it can be to insure these vessels.
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Ian D Sutton
Posted September 23 2016
Just as an aside, the firm I served my boat building apprentice, WM Fords Berrys bay Sydney built some of these pearling loggers .Ena.106ft 1900 and Goose 55ft 1920. Ena was a mother ship.cheers ian
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Jessica Watson
Posted September 19 2016
Hi John, I can't help with a recommendation but I'm hoping someone else will be able to as its something I've struggled with as well. Sounds like you've got an amazing boat!
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Posted September 19 2016
John, I went through Tudor Insurance Brokers (I think located in Berwick Vic)and the policy was with QBE. Although a more recent build (1996), the only stipulation was that I get a survey. The survey was an in water survey and was really only to to reassure them that the boat was worth what I was insuring it for.
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