Question on insurance review I recently submitted

Scott Fleming
Posted November 16 2016

Hello Mike / Jessica

I submitted a review on Pantaeneus insurance a few days ago and I noticed today that the stats for reviews on this company has not yet been updated, i.e. still only says one review (should now be two) and the 5 star rating still remains in place. Is this something that gets automatically updated? Or has the update just slipped through?

The concept of your site is an excellent idea, and I am looking forward to making future contributions and reading other peoples reviews of businesses and services.

Thanks, Regards Scott Fleming

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Mike McKiernan
Posted November 16 2016
Hey Scott, thanks a lot for the feedback! We're glad to hear that you are finding the site so useful and look forward to reading your reviews and recommendations.

The insurance company you reviewed has been refreshed and updated to take your review into account. Thanks for sharing your experience!
2 people found this helpful. Do you?Thank Mike McKiernan

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