Night Lights

Mark Stubbings
Posted January 8 2017

We obviously should all turn on our anchor light at night when aboard, but another nice and easy addition to lighting your boat at night is to install some cheap, simple to operate solar garden lights.

We have added one to each corner of our Lightwave 38 catamaran "Sana Solia". They add to the security of the boat at night, particularly during the week on a swing mooring when people are moving around at night amongst moored boats.

Plus they serve as a nice identifier of your boat when you come back from sundowners or visiting other boats.

$22 for a bunch of ten from any good hardware store.

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Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  Posted January 10 2017
Bunnings, yes I know they sell cheap stuff, have a powerful solar garden light that we have used for many years. Our first of this breed lasted four years non-stop going on at sundown everyday and staying alight till dawn. We've just replaced that first one, it's solar panel finally degraded and hazed over, with a second generation of the same kind. It features a single large LED and higher voltage batteries - the light is even brighter than the original, and I mean BRIGHT. It cost us around $40 and is SS and rather ornate, comes with a rather large SS tube for placing in a garden, but we only use the light. No way of putting up a photos sorry. But if you drop in to our website, you'll see a photo towards the end of our aft tower with the first nightlight front and center. Cheers.
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Jessica Watson
Posted January 9 2017
Thanks for sharing Mark, a good idea, particularly on catamarans with large beams.

It doesn't look like we have any Lightwave's listed on Deckee yet, so please write a review of your own boat if you get a chance -
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