In Praise of the Deckee Insurance Finder

John Storey
Posted April 20 2018

I have recently purchased a Wharram Tiki 30. This is a fibreglass and plywood composite catamaran that is not an easy boat to find insurance for.

On many of the Wharram forums I have read have threads decrying the difficulties of obtaining suitable cover. As a result of this, many sailors are out on the world’s oceans with little or no insurance cover.

This is not acceptable to me or to my family, so I rang the company with whom I have had marine insurance for fifteen years (Club Marine), they declined to insure the boat.

I then spent a couple of weeks ringing around the usual suspects; big companies, little companies and many middling companies. I spoke with several brokers who each assured me that they would find cover - but only one did. That broker obtained a quote through QBE but, when I accepted it, QBE withdrew it!

I couldn’t even get third party cover for the four days of the delivery voyage to where I could get the boat surveyed.

Then I remembered that Deckee had a section on insurance. I pressed the “Get Free Quotes” button, filled in a simple online form, sent it off and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long until I was contacted by a charming lady called Lisa O’Sullivan. From the moment Lisa had my details, she was on the case.

The result? A fully comprehensive policy, a temporary waiver of the survey so that I could move the boat from Grafton to Brisbane, and a very reasonable premium.

I am a simple pleasure-boater, I have no connection to Deckee, or the insurance industry. I am writing this article solely in gratitude to the efforts and professionalism of Lisa O’Sullivan.

Thank you.

John Storey

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