Ian Belcher joins the Deckee team

Mike McKiernan
Posted October 12 2015

Finding an experienced, motivated and talented technical partner to take a leap of faith on a new idea like Deckee is incredibly hard. In regional Australia, the difficulty of this task is multiplied by three.

Until recently, I had the good fortune of partnering with an award-winning agency in Newcastle over an extended period to bring our vision to life. Working with the team at Newism has been ideal for us to refine and execute an amazing first product that we were proud to share with the Australian boating community.

We have come a long way since our initial planning sessions and gathered an enormous amount of valuable feedback from skippers everywhere, including boating hotspots like Sydney Harbour, Melbourne, Tasmania and the Whitsundays.

As Deckee continues to grow and experiment with new ideas, the natural progression for us is to move our technical operations in-house and start building for the future.

It is my pleasure to announce that Ian Belcher has joined the Deckee team as our full-time CTO. This is a very exciting milestone for Deckee and a big step towards our mission to foster the growth and development of the boating industry online.

Ian brings a strong background in both web technology and business, having international experience working in early stage startups as well as having recently completed both an MBA and MIT. Most significantly, he was also previously a member of the Newism team, contributing to the initial build of the Deckee website.

He’s the perfect fit for us, and I am really glad to have him on board.

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