Deckee just won an Australian Tourism Award!

Mike McKiernan
Posted October 6 2015

Last Friday night the Deckee team was very proud to take home the award for Best Tourism Solution of the Year at the 2015 NEWi Awards for Digital Creativity.

Having only been afloat for seven months, this is an exciting achievement for us and a testament to all the supportive people that have contributed to our progress over the past year.

Most importantly though, it reflects what a great online resource the boating community is building together here on Deckee. Today we have over forty location guides for harbours and waterways all around the Australian coastline, from the very bottom of Tasmania to tropical waters of Queensland. Over the past few months, skippers having been sharing advice and tips on nearby moorings and anchorages, tides, currents and essential facilities. There has also been hundreds of reviews and recommendations added for local marine services such as marinas, shipwrights, mechanics and electricians.

It’s thanks to contributions from the likes of Jack and Jude (our resident experts on South Australian anchorages), Marilyn Graham (experienced cruiser and author) and dozens of others who are helping us create the online home for the Australian boating community.

On behalf of the Deckee team we are incredibly thankful for everyone that has joined us on this journey so far and we can't wait to read more of your contributions over coming months!

If you haven't already signed up, you can join our community here.


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