Deckee partners with Boatbook to combine sail tracking with crowdsourced location reviews

Mike McKiernan
Posted November 23 2016

Hi everyone, 

I am excited to announce an industry-first partnership between Deckee and Boatbook SailingLog, the world’s first automatic logbook app, to bring crowdsourced location reviews to sailors right when they need them most.

Thousands of sailors all around Australia can now automatically track their sailing journeys and access the collective cruising knowledge of the sailing community in the palm of their hand, thanks to an innovative new integration that has launched today.

More than 100,000 skippers worldwide have already downloaded the free Boatbook SailingLog app, which automatically recognises the start and end of your sail and records your routes and sailing data for you.

When you are using the Boatbook app, tapping on the Deckee logos that feature on the map will open up a collection of reviews and advice about that waterway, contributed by members of the Deckee community.

Sailors can also easily share their own location and anchorage reviews to Deckee directly from the Boatbook app.

For those wondering about battery consumption and mobile reception issues at sea, Boatbook SailingLog will track your sail even when you switch to aeroplane mode. This is especially important for those sailing offshore.

Here at Deckee we believe collaboration between marine startups will be critical to the growth and success of our industry for years to come. Partnerships like this one will also be critical to meet the needs of the boating community as technology continues to evolve and improve.

Download the free Boatbook SailingLog app today to take advantage of the new Deckee integration the next time you’re out on the water. 

Please let us know you're feedback – we'd love to know what you think!


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Captain Crayfish
Posted January 11 2017
Love the Tee shirt- Thanks. Just gotta keep my wife from wearing it.

Nice to see Speed etc displays appearing on it.

Using it on my Android phone and tablet. .

Keep it going guys. Great concept with loads of potential -

All the best - Cap'n Crayfish
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Greg Pugh
Posted November 23 2016
When will it be available on android?
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Captain Crayfish
Posted December 9 2016
Have Boat Book Sailing Log loaded on my Android. Quite forgot it was there until it started logging sea cruising/racing. Seems that it recognises when you "hit the briny" and then sends you a message when you complete your voyage and another when you go ashore. Very clever. Then you can view or forward your voyage track and the distance travelled, oh and GPS co-ordinates. You can also record "events" along the track.

No speed, ave speed or other data as yet but If they've conquered this so far the rest will follow closely I reckon.
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Mike McKiernan
Posted November 24 2016
Hey Greg, thanks for asking. We're working on it, so hopefully not long! The Boatbook app is available on Android now – try it out, it's free.
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