Deckee on board to support Lisa Blair's incredible Antarctic record attempt

Jessica Watson
Posted January 11 2017

Clipper Race, Solo Tasman and Rolex Sydney Hobart veteran Lisa Blair is now only days away from setting off on a sailing speed record attempt around Antarctica, a voyage that will be undertaken below 45 degrees south and one that will see her become the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted.

You can read more about Lisa, her boat and preparations in my post here.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, Lisa sailed her yacht Climate Action Now under Australia from Sydney to Albany, where she’ll depart on the record attempt.

With challenging conditions and 60knot winds, the delivery voyage proved to be a great trial run for the boat. Lisa admits that it was also great mental preparation to see herself and the boat confidently handle the conditions.

Just days before the start of her departure as final preparations are made and food is loaded onto Climate Action Now, the Deckee team is excited to throw our support behind Lisa, providing a great website for her supporters to read about and follow the record attempt. is the place to go for blog updates, pictures, a live tracker and social media feeds.

Deckee joins businesses including D’Albora Marinas, B&G, ProFurl, Zhik and Dick Smith Foods who are sponsoring Lisa’s voyage.

Climate awareness is something that many sailors and members of the Deckee community are passionate about, so we’re also proud to help Lisa spread her climate awareness message.

The distinctive hull of Lisa’s yacht is covered in thousands of post-it notes with positive climate action pledges from supporters. You can submit a pledge here.

Lisa will be reviewing some of the equipment she uses for Deckee. It’s hard to imagine a more extreme way to test marine products, so keep an eye out for her reviews in the weeks ahead.

Good luck Lisa! 

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Yorgos Doumas
Posted January 15 2017
Good luck Lisa!
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