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Tony Peach
Deckee Pro  Posted January 25 2018

Some brief information follows in relation to a new publication that provides cruising and anchorage information to pleasure boats that may be transiting from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to Hobart via Tasmania’s east coast. In Stock A guide to the waterways and anchorages of North Eastern Tasmania from Wineglass Bay to Port Dalrymple. Edition 1 2017. This guide provides an excellent reference to the anchorages and "must visit" locations around the NE coast of Tasmania, including the Hogan, Kent, Furneaux and Waterhouse island groups.

The guide was created because many Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) members are enamoured by the area’s pristine waters, superb diving and fishing, stunning panoramas and general uniqueness. It is anticipated that any user of this guide will also become entranced with the area.

The guide, unlike many others available, has had almost every anchorage visited by one or more CYCT members, or, in a few instances, verified by a professional skipper who is acquainted with the area. The waters surrounding the north-east coast of Tasmania, the Furneaux Islands and islands of the Kent and Hogan groups provide some unique sailing or power boating and a range of beautiful, safe anchorages. The areas detailed within this guide include some of the most remarkable cruising grounds anywhere in the world, and the more adventurous boaters are slowly discovering the pristine character that envelopes the area.

It is equal in detail and quality to the publication ’Cruising Southern Tasmania’ and it will quickly gain a reputation as the go-to reference for skippers cruising these waters.

If you visit the areas within this guide, we are sure you will find this guide an indispensable reference to have aboard, or at home when planning.

Copies may be purchased from the CYCT at “STOREFRONT”, (

Price: $39.65 each, plus postage of $10.95 for Australia domestic postage and handling, or contact the CYCT quartermaster at

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