Courtesy and wisdom when anchoring

Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  Posted February 1 2017

Twice in as many days we’ve had big city vessels anchor within a boat length of us on the upwind side when there was heaps of ocean everywhere around us. Why?

This morning’s incident sparked my ire because there was still a strong wind warning issued for winds directly from the direction that they’d put themselves. And although somewhat quiet after a night with the breeze lifting off the land, the full force could return at any moment now that the sun had begun to rise.

Why? Not only does it infringe on our privacy, you could hear their voices and their radio, it also needlessly endangers our vessels. When I called to him and asked if he’d be staying long, and that a strong southerly was still forecast, he remarked, “Oh but you’re on a mooring.” Sure we were on a long lead mooring, but far more important, he was in front of us on an anchor. 

He next said, “I’ll pull some in.” 

Eh gad! Don’t shorten scope and still be in front of me. Just move.

A word to all boat people, give a bit of space. Anchor prudently when in unfamiliar ports and unfamiliar ground. 

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