6 Facebook groups every boat owner should join

Mike McKiernan
Posted March 8 2016

Image courtesy of Windcraft Hanse

There’s no denying that the internet plays a big role in our lives. In 2016 Google has become a verb and whipping out your smartphone is the first step to solving a problem. Nowadays you can find information about your boating hobbies, sailing addictions or cruising lifestyles at the click of a button. And love it or hate it, there’s nothing quite like Facebook for spreading news and ideas and keeping in touch with friends and family.

In a world of content overload, commercialisation and strange friend requests from people on the other side of the world, Facebook groups have become a safe haven for relevant content and (somewhat!) trustworthy sources. Here are 6 great Facebook groups that every boatie might find helpful, or at least enjoyable:


An international group for sharing sailing stories, videos, photos and advice. Unlike many other groups, this one is public so there’s no need to be accepted into the group.

Sailing Now

Another public group with over 6,000 international members. This group is pretty broad, covering everything from messing about in boats to living, working, or making a living from sailing.

Bluewater Sailing and Cruising

With a Brisbane-based founder and members who have sailed to or are currently sailing to far-flung corners of the world, this is the group for those who have an interest in ocean sailing and the cruising lifestyle. This group – and the stories and images from its members – is sure to have you dreaming about leaving it all behind and setting sail.

Women Who Sail Australia

Sorry, guys, this one is just for the ladies! While the internet and Facebook can be scary places with keyboard warriors furiously attacking each other over the slightest difference of opinion, the culture of this group is far more welcoming (well, that’s if you’re a female!). Members share news and advice in a friendly environment where no question is considered silly.

WWSA has also announced an inaugural ‘Gathering on the Bay’ in partnership with Deckee. You can find all the details and book tickets here.

Old/Rundown Boat Projects

A helpful group for those with project boats to share ideas, tips, advice and stories of whatever it is they are currently working on. Selling is allowed so there’s every chance you’ll stumble across some bargains. This group also provides a great opportunity for ‘armchair refits’ with those in-between projects able to get their project fix from afar.

Trailer Boat Fishing Australia

This one’s for the small boat fishermen, although any fisherman or trailer boat owner is likely to find this group helpful. The group covers everything from fishing reports to tackle and rigs. Members are also welcome to share items for trade and sale.

Deckee is on Facebook as well. Like us to get the latest business and location reviews submitted by boat owners like you!

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