Boat insurance tips: Save time and money with an expert broker

Mike McKiernan
Posted December 18 2017

Finding a knowledgeable and experienced boat insurance broker is the critical first step in protecting your investment so that if disaster strikes, you will be prepared and confident knowing that your claim will be handled expertly and quickly.

This peace of mind means you can enjoy your time on the water with a big smile on your face, knowing that you can leave your worries on dry land!

Why Use a Broker?

Using a broker is a wise choice because a broker will negotiate with insurers to get the best prices and the most comprehensive cover for their clients. Deckee’s broker partner can custom-design an insurance package that covers what most important to you, according to your financial needs, your tolerance for risk (or your ability to stay afloat if your insurance doesn’t cover everything); and your personal goals.

Here are four things to look for from a boat insurance broker:

1. Specialist. Boat insurance is different from home insurance or auto insurance, and you want to work with an industry specialist who understands your needs and has the experience, insight, and knowledge to find the best cover for you. Work with a broker who understands the unique challenges of marine insurance.

2. Integrity. Avoid working with brokers who say “yes” to you too much. It’s better to hear the truth instead of what you want to hear, because nothing will be left to guesswork or doubt and when it comes to claims, you will know exactly what to expect. Work only with a broker who has demonstrated integrity.

3. Responsiveness. What is a broker’s response time? Does they eagerly, kindly, and helpfully answer all questions, even “stupid” questions they’ve heard a thousand times? Do they make you feel like a valued customer? Do you enjoy interacting with them, or do you feel rushed or dismissed? Work only with a broker who is professional, empathetic, and prompt.

4. Persistence. If they can’t answer a question immediately, do they do what they must, to find it? Do they persistently seek to find the best solutions for you on an ongoing basis? In a claims dispute, are they on your side and commit to doing what’s right for you, or do they just say, “sorry, there’s nothing I can do”? Work only with a broker who has your back at all times.

Working with a good broker is priceless. A good broker is your champion and your advocate - and you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing someone has your back and is working tirelessly on your behalf.

As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to review your current policy and get more information about your options available to you. Submit an enquiry to Deckee’s trusted broker today, and protect you and your watercraft from stem to stern!

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