8 crazy boat fails

Mike McKiernan
Posted June 13 2016

Sometimes things don’t to plan, and while safety on the water should be taken seriously it’s hard not to see the amusing side of some boating blunders. Here are a few particularly bad days on the water.

America’s Cup challenger One Australia turns into banana

During the 1995 Louis Vuitton Cup, the round‑robin series leading into the America’s Cup One Australia, skippered by John Bertrand, broke cleanly in half. The crew could hardly jump off fast enough as an alarming crack emerged and the boat sunk, disappearing completely at an impressive rate.

Here’s the footage with the entertaining original commentary;

Whale breaches on yacht

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the whale was reported to have suffered only minor injuries when the huge mammal breached onto a yacht off the coast of Cape Town.

Remember, you need to stay at least 100 metres clear of whales, and 300 meters if a calf is present. You can find more advice about approaching whales here.

Team Vestas Wind hits reef

Even yachts crewed by the world’s most experienced sailors can come unstuck. During the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, Team Vestas Wind unexpectedly collided with a reef in the Indian Ocean.

Pasha Bulker’s unbelievable grounding

June 2007 saw the Hunter Region lashed with storms, widespread flooding, storm force winds, huge seas and a very large, unexpected and unwelcome visitor. After deciding to leave the area too late, the 225-metre, 40,000-tonne bulk carrier Pasha Bulker was washed onto Newcastle’s Nobbys Beach. At one point during the unfolding disaster, the captain headed below for breakfast and left his junior crew in charge.

Running onto the rocks on the Prime Minister’s doorstep

Running your boat into the rocks in front of the PM’s Kirribilli House is not a good day on the water. The iconic Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge provided an impressive backdrop for this boating blunder. The boat’s skipper is reported to have been drinking at the time of the incident, highlighting the need for responsible boating—a message that is reiterated in this amusing Norwegian video;

Yacht high and dry

When the yacht Knight Star ran aground during a race from France to the UK, the region’s large tidal range left the yacht high and dry. The boat suffered only minor damage, and the crew escaped with only bruised egos as photos of their mishap spread around the world.

Luxury motor yacht dropped from crane

The loading of this luxury motor yacht quickly turned disastrous when one of the slings slipped, sending the boat crashing back into the water far below.

Jessica Watson hits a ship

Is it biased to include Deckee’s own communications manager in this list? Back in 2010, Jessica collided with a bulk carrier on a sea trial before setting off around the world. The accident snapped her boat’s mast and damaged the hull. She tells us she learnt a lot from the incident and still has a healthy fear of ships!

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