Australians take on the World at the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland

Posted April 5 2017

Seven Wetas, including Paul White's brand new birthday boat still in gift wrapping, appeared at Port Kembla Sailing Club for the Lake Illawarra Weta Camp - the final training weekend to share knowledge and help bring the Australian Weta Team up to the same high standard before the boats are shipped to Auckland for the World Masters Games regatta in April.

There are 17 Australians out of 72 Weta entries for the World Masters Games sailing regatta which takes place in Auckland, New Zealand from 22-28th of April - with competitors from all over the world sailing both solo and with two crew.

Multihull guru and Hobie World Masters Champion, Rod Waterhouse and John McClaren also appeared with borrowed boats so they could get some practice before they pick up their charter boats at the WMG.

"Great fun" said Rod after a day on the water "The Weta sails like a monohull but gives the speed and stability of a multihull".

Auckland is the home of the New Zealand-designed Weta. "We're very pleased to see someone of Rod's calibre racing the Weta", said Roger Kitchen, MD of Weta Marine.

About the Weta Trimaran

Conceived and designed in New Zealand, over 1,200 Weta trimarans have been sold worldwide since Weta launched with a splash over 11 years ago.

Hand-crafted – this is no “machine-built boat” – the fibreglass/carbon composite construction delivers the perfect pairing of rigidity and lightweight performance. Expertly made for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family or teaching the kids to sail, the Weta is simple to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute ton of fun. Fun, fast and easy, life's better with a Weta!

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About the World Masters Games

With more athletes than the Olympics, the World Masters Games is the single biggest multi-sport event on earth. Now in 2017, the event will come to Auckland New Zealand, a must-see destination renowned for its stunning natural diversity and vibrant social scene.

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About the World Masters Games Sailing Regatta

The World Masters Games sailing regatta takes places at Torbay Sailing Club just north of Auckland. The event features the Laser single-handed and Weta - the only qualification is that you must be aged over 35. The Weta class allows for single and double-handed boats which will sail together with medals awarded separately. Both Lasers and Wetas will sail typical Olympic-style courses but the Weta competition also includes some distance races to test navigation skills, explore the stunning location and take advantage of the Wetas' proven distance racing ability on events such as the 300 mile Everglades Challenge.

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Jessica Watson
Posted April 6 2017
Thanks for sharing Paul, I had no idea that there is such a strong global fleet of Weta's!
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Posted July 9 2017
@Chris Van Vuuren

A new foam-core lightweight Weta is now available (~15Kg lighter) together with a larger Square-topped Mainsail which improves the performance of the Weta in light winds and makes it easier to manoeuvre on land (120Kg total).

There have been some experiments with fixed foils on a Weta to counter heeling but I have raced a Weta in winds over 35 knots with the full rig and there's no foilers that I'm aware of that have the combination of speed, stability and ease of use a Weta provides. It's a boat everyone can sail in almost any conditions - why not come for test sail? Email
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Chris Van Vuuren
Posted July 9 2017
Any multihull speaks my language . How about foils ?
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