Anchoring at Ballina NSW

Mark Ridsdale
Deckee Pro  Posted November 27 2016

I have never stopped in Ballina we can I anchor in say NE 10-12 knot breeze overnight Any suggestions please

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Jessica Watson
Posted November 30 2016
Hi Mark, your comment has made me realise that we've somehow overlooked Ballina in our location list. We'll get it listed and hopefully someone will share some local knowledge.
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Jack and Jude
Deckee Pro  Posted January 10 2017
Hello Mark,

Our home port - The biggest hurdle at Ballina is crossing the bar, after which there are tons of safe spots to drop you hook plus a river that can be navigated by yachts as far as Broadwater, 20 miles upstream.

Just off the town are two floating pontoons providing short stays with restaurants, grocery and variety stores a short walk away. Stay longer if the pontoons are not in demand.

If anchoring is your preference, as it is with Jack and Jude, a good place is just upstream of the sailing club that is next to the outdoor swimming pool evident by the massive water slide. Take care, there shoals downstream. Or further upstream, a popular stop is outside the trawler harbour. Or pretty much anywhere, but all anchorage are stream effected. There is a pond of water on the south side called Mobbs Bay. It's shallow but Ok for 2 m draft in a small area.

Crossing the river bar can be dangerous so take care. Never in an outgoing tide with any sort of swell outside. Afternoon sea breezes whip up the sea on the bar, so we nearly always cross at early light, with at least half tide rising. Stay on the leads, or favor the north a bit. Do not get anywhere near the south wall - there have been boats lost attempting that shallow area. Of course, get the latest advice from the Marine rescue Tower and know where the several sets of leads are before entering. Hope that helps.
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John Peirce
Posted December 8 2016
We went into the Richmond River several years ago following Alan Lucas' 'Cruising the NSW Coast' advice. There is a very sheltered anchorage in Mobbs Bay, good in all conditions. This is on the south side of the river approximately 1.5nm from the entrance. We sheltered there safely in very strong winds for several days, during which time two boats were wrecked on the river entrance bar. The bar is fine in settled conditions, you just need to be prepared to wait once in the river for appropriate conditions to exit to sea again. Meanwhile you can explore the river up to the the bridge at Wardell with ease.
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Mike McKiernan
Posted January 11 2017
Hey everyone, we've just added a brand new location guide for Ballina. Check it out!
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