6 Innovative websites shaping the future of boating

Jessica Watson
Posted October 12 2016

It’s time for a sequel to my 5 Best Boating App’s post, this time, I’m broadening my horizons beyond apps to the wider internet. As you are of course well aware the internet and new technologies are rapidly changing the world, and although it got off to a slow start, change is also afoot in the boating industry. As boaties begin to demand the same online conveniences that other industries enjoy the digital wave is creeping up on boating.

Here’s a few of boating’s most innovative, helpful and enjoyable websites that are leading the digital revolution on the water;

Boat Bound 

We have Uber for cars and AirBnB for houses so it was only a matter of time before peer to peer boat sharing options like Boat Bound popped up. Australian regulations are currently making peer to peer boat sharing difficult but as boat syndication becomes more and more popular regulations are sure to change.


In the US Dockwa is removing the need for boaties to make phone or radio calls, send emails or fill out forms when booking marina berths. Navily are offering a similar service in Europe.

Boat Yard 

Thanks to Boat Yard, boat owner’s in Florida can enjoy the convenience of arranging all their boat maintenance and ordering fuel delivery in one place online. It’s hard to believe that boat owners around the world wouldn’t appreciate similar services.

Make Fast Mooring 

Ever struggled to find and book an available mooring? Or have a mooring that’s sitting empty? Well Make Fast Mooring is aiming to solve this problem by connecting boaties with those with empty berths or moorings. With a growing number of moorings in Australia and around the world, Make Fast Mooring is on track to being a very useful resource.

Boat Advice 

Boat Advice is the sister site to the popular Car Advice, a site renowned for its video car reviews. And in response to the growing demand for quality video content, Boat Advice are taking their cameras out on the water to film boat reviews. I also happen to have the inside word that they’ll soon be bringing us their first sailboat reviews, stay tuned...

Marine Verse 

Sailing in virtual reality, it might sound far-fetched, but it’s not far away. I’m keeping an eye on this site...

Have you seen any exciting new boating innovations online? We’d love to hear about them? Here at Deckee our vision is to give boating’s world of mouth culture a place online. But we need your help, so if you have a favourite anchorage, marine product, boat or business why not post a review and help other boat owners out?

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