5 Sailing YouTube Channels to Tune Into

Jessica Watson
Posted May 24 2017

Sailing vlogs (video blogs) are having a moment. In the last few years, there’s been an explosion of sailors documenting their adventures as they sail the world, and there’s no shortage of armchair sailors tuning in to share their adventures.

There’s a very long list of great sailing video bloggers out there, but I don’t want to overwhelm you if you're new to vlogging. Here are a few to give you a taste of what’s out there and get you started:

Sailing La Vagabonde

I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of these guys. They’re Aussies and some of, if not the most watched sailing vloggers. Starting out as sailing novices, Elayna and Riley have become experienced sailors as they crossed the Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific. Recently they’ve upgraded their 43ft Beneteau for brand new 45ft Outremer catamaran to continue their adventures.

The quality of their video production has improved since then, and it’s tricky to pick a favourite, but I’d recommend starting with episode 1.

SV Delos

The skipper of SV Delos, Brian, brought the boat in Seattle back in 2008, the original plan was just to cross the Pacific. But the adventure has grown far beyond the original plan. In addition to Brian, Brandy and Kazza sail the boat full-time and are joined by a revolving crew of fun-loving sailors. 

It’s easy to get hooked on any of their videos, but why not check out their lengthy Facebook Live interview with Lisa Blair when they caught up with her in Cape Town after her dismasting.

Monday Never

Will and Cat left their jobs in San Francisco and set off around the Caribbean in their 36ft yacht Paradox. These days they mix sailing adventures with land-based adventures on a motorbike, complete with sidecar.

Start with this video where the crew rescue a family that were forced to abandon their yacht in the middle of the ocean. It’s a video that’s hard to stop watching and provides some great insights into boat-to-boat transfers at sea.

Shaun & Julia Sailing

Canadians Shaun and Julia have been documenting their sailing adventures in amusing YouTube videos since 2012. Starting out on a modest 25ft yacht, many of their videos feature passages through the Great Lakes and down the Intracoastal canal systems.

A great place to start is with this video in which Shaun gives an entertaining insight into the world of vlogging.


This one’s a little different as these guys are still building their boat. Garrett and Ruth are documenting the build of their 35ft wooden gaff rigged ketch in Washington. Their videos offer all the satisfaction of building a beautiful wooden boat without the hard work!

A good place to start is with episode 1. and the very beginning of the build.

Another great place to see some fantastic sailing on screen is the inaugural SEAbbatical Short Film Festival held on the opening night of the Sanctuary Cover Boat Show this Thursday. Tickets are free, and all sailors and aspiring sailors are encouraged to head along.

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Mark Watland
Posted May 25 2017
Thanks for the sailing vlogs, Jessica. There’s quite a group of us around the world who became very close, life-long friends from following your blog during your circumnavigation. I just spent a bit of time last week in the US with some of my Aussie Jessaholic friends. One of the benefits of following sailing vlogs and blogs is the new friendships that might form. Lately, I’ve especially enjoyed following the S/V Delos since Brian’s journey started near my home in Seattle. It was great that Lisa Blair was able to spend some time with the S/V Delos crew in Cape Town. I’ve also enjoyed following the Windtraveler blog on Facebook. Even though they don’t have their own YouTube channel, there have been quite few videos on other YouTube channels showing Brittany and Scott’s life aboard their sailboat in the Caribbean with their three little girls.

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Patrick St-Onge
Posted May 28 2017
Thanks for that list, I was missing a few :D

I think the list should have 6 items!

There is also Sailing Uma, a young Haitian/Canadian, both architect couple : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXbWsGV_cjG3gOsSnNJPVlg

These two are real world people doing real world things with real world ressources! Candid, ingenious... even my 69 y/o mom is addicted to their progress and happiness bubble of videos now... See by yourself :)
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Posted undefined NaN NaN
A couple more for you:

Freerange Sailing is a couple of Aussies, Troy and Pascale, who are sailing the Kimberley and north Australian coasts in a 30’ Clansman. Troy is Crocodile Dundee meets the bush tucker man and Pascale is wholesomeness personified. Simple pure sailing and living off the land (and sea) at its best.

Ran Sailing is a Swedish couple, Johan and Malin who left Sweden in the depth of winter and sailed down the European coast, across the Atlantic through the Caribbean, thru the Panama and up to Hawaii. They are beautiful videos without the commercialism of many others and made by very intelligent people.
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