Our mission is to help you stay safe and informed on the water.

Deckee is the boating safety app dedicated to giving you all the tools and information that you need to enjoy your time on the water and return home safely.

Our Team

We are a diverse crew with expertise in boating, geospatial technology, data science, design and musical instruments. Jess sailed around around the world solo when she was sixteen, so she holds most of the bragging rights.

  • image of Mike McKiernan

    Mike McKiernan

    Founder CEO
  • image of Micheal Pulo

    Micheal Pulo

    Chief Operations Officer
  • image of Jack McKew

    Jack McKew

    Senior Engineer
  • image of Greg Upton

    Greg Upton

    Front-End Developer
  • image of Nic "The Sailor Girl" Douglass

    Nic "The Sailor Girl" Douglass

    Brand Ambassador
  • image of Jessica Watson

    Jessica Watson

    Brand Ambassador
  • image of Alex Retzlaff

    Alex Retzlaff

    Non Executive Director
  • image of Chris Deere

    Chris Deere

    Non Executive Director

Ready to join us?

Deckee is a remote-friendly company with crew all over the world, but we do have an awesome, laidback HQ in Newcastle, Australia. We're always on the lookout for new crew.

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